Remembering Our Heroes

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Officer Donated
Officer Collier Police Fund $35,000
NYPD/DEA Widows & Children Fund $5,000
Sgt. Rick Riggenbach, Chitimacha Tribal Police Department, TR $5,000
Officer Keith Lawrence, USC Dept of Public Safety, CA $2,500
P.O. Michael Crain, Riverside Police Department, CA $5,000
Det. Jeremiah MacKay, San Bernardino Co. Sheriff's Department, CA $5,000
Sgt. Loran Baker, Santa Cruz Police Department, CA $5,000
Det. Elizabeth Butler, Santa Cruz Police Department, CA $5,000
Sgt. Gary Morales, St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, FL $5,000
Cpl. Terry Johnson, Sebastian County Sheriff's Office, AR $5,000
Executive Director Tom Clements, CO Department of Corrections, CO $5,000
Master Deputy Joseph Robbins, Polk County Sheriff's Office, FL $5,000
P.O. Daryl Raetz, Phoenix Police Department, AZ $5,000
Deputy Tim Causey, Horry County Sheriff's Office, SC $5,000
P.O. Sean Collier, MIT Police Department, Cambridge, MA $5,000
P.O. Jason Ellis, Bardstown Police Department, KY $5,000
P.O. William Sprague, Texarkana Police Department, TX $5,000
Sgt. Lance McLean, Hood County Sheriff's Office, TX $5,000
P.O. Rodney Thomas, New Orleans Police Department, LA $5,000
P.O. Robert Hornsby, Killeen Police Department, TX $5,000
Trooper Winston Martindale, New York State Police $5,000
Sgt. Mike Wilson, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, FL $5,000
P.O. Jason Schneider, Baltimore County Police Department, MD $5,000
Sgt. Derek Johnson, Draper Police Department, UT $5,000
Deputy David Allford, Okfuskee County Sheriff's Office, OK $5,000
P.O. Jamie Buenting, Rockwell City Police Department, IA $5,000
P.O. Rod Bradway, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, IN $5,000
Deputy Billy Kennedy, Upton County Sheriff's Department, TX $5,000
Agent Iván Gustavo Román-Matos, Puerto Rico Police Dept, PR $5,000
Lt. Michael Chiapperini, Webster Police Department, NY $5,000
Sgt. Mary Katherine Ricard, CO Department of Corrections, CO $5,000
Trooper Kyle Deatherage, Illinois State Police $5,000
P.O. Thomas Decker, Cold Spring Police Department, MN $5,000